Twelve-year-old boy makes $400,000 from whale NFTs

Weird Whales

Internet is going crazy about Benyamin Ahmed, a 12-year old boy, who just made $400,000 by selling his own NFTs. He had not expected such an overwhelming response as he created this artwork during his school holidays. The ownership tokens or NFTs of his artwork were sold in form of cryptocurrency and he is planning on keeping the funds in the blockchain, for now at least.

His das, Imran, is a software developer by profession so Benyamin Ahmad was into coding since the age of five. Imran has taught his son the basics of coding and this was not the first attempt by Benyamin as he has already created many artworks before this viral piece of art.

Weird Whales
Weird Whales at

Benyamin is an Inspiration for Other Kids

Most of the kids are not yet aware of the potential that crypto has. Benyamin Ahmed has also made several YouTube videos where he shares his hobbies and other personal stuff. The best thing is that he did not promote only coding in his video as he advised others to pursue what they love to do. Benyamin Ahmed even said that if you love cooking, you can still do a miracle in that specific field.

The viral artwork gave Benyamin a great opportunity to connect and communicate with great minds from the tech field. Although he has $400,000 in his personal account yet he does not have a traditional bank account. Financial experts think that NFTs are going to change the typical financial environment pretty soon.

Weird Whales NFT was not his first Artwork

A few years back, Benyamin made Minecraft-inspired digital art but that did not go well and he did not earn much but Weird Whales was an unbelievable success. He is already working on his 3rd project and he is expecting the same response from digital art lovers.

The next major project by him is going to be the underwater game where his Weird Whales artwork will be featured as the main character of the game. Artists are quite hopeful for use of NFT as they will be able to claim ownership of their artwork. NFTs can then be sold and traded, making them an interesting avenue for artists to have their pieces valued. This goes on to provide more opportunities for artists since galleries are already looking for new ways to find talent in order not only to attract but keep audiences engaged with the art they want.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are crypto collectibles that can be traded in a decentralized manner. They have properties similar to cryptocurrencies, but they are specialized for use in gaming and online collectible trading card games, such as the hugely popular game Magic: the Gathering. If you’re interested in learning more about crypto-collectibles, the story of Benyamin is the right inspiration for you.

Let’s wait for the 3rd artwork by Benyamin Ahmed as it will be released soon. Imran has equipped his sons, Benyamin Ahmed and his brother, with the necessary tools that are required to be successful in this digital world.

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